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Now it's your turn to learn about this closely guarded secret. As private lenders and joint venture partners, we have cracked the code on how to be the bank. We do not like risk, and our investment criteria are even stricter than those of most institutional lenders. Most people have an IRA or a 401K sitting around losing money in the stock market or mutual fund. You are asked to hand it all over to some brokerage, financial advisor and/or company managers who are sometimes half your age. You have no clue what they are doing with your money or how well they are managing the company. Once you find out things have gone bad for some unexpected reason, it is usually too late. All you can do is stare at your statement and wonder why you lost the precious money meant for your retirement. Now that spells risk! Type your paragraph here.

Private Lending

For qualified investors more experienced in real estate investing or Private Lending clients who have been with us a while and are ready to move a bit more of their portfolio into our programs, we have avenues for even greater potential. Select qualified investors with larger sums may partner with us on some of our most lucrative opportunities. With more funds, we invest in higher end residential, multi-family and commercial properties. These partnerships result in higher returns for you with the same low risk as our Private Lending Program. 

Our unique sources for finding the best real estate opportunities come from our network of professionals, our knowledge of national markets, techniques for locating and problem solving for motivated sellers, and our legal and debt settlement experience. 

To compliment our projects, we have the best sources for institutional and government sponsored lending and grants.  We have a number of proven exit strategies for our real estate investments. In this market, buy and hold renting or lease optioning residential or commercial properties to generate high returns on investment cash flow often makes sense. Some properties are best for major or minor remodeling and retailing, while others work best as rental properties (vacation homes in some markets) which add value by increasing property income potential.

Even with the improving economy, returns on your retirement funds are still quite low. It is shocking, but a high percentage of the American population is still earning only 2-3% returns on their investments. With inflation at 6% and higher, your savings are disappearing fast. But investing in brick and mortar real estate means maintenance headaches, tenant troubles, and unexpected losses. We have a better idea. After decades of successful real estate investing in commercial and residential properties, we have moved to the crisper and cleaner world of owning paper. Properly secured by real estate, owning paper gives you high returns and low risk. That is how the banks make their money. 


We prefer investments secured by real estate, that means holding the promissory note, secured by a mortgage or deed of trust. Houses and apartments serve a purpose, everyone needs one. And if something goes wrong and we do not get paid as agreed, we do not get those distressing minus signs on our retirement statements. Instead, we end up getting a house, apartment or commercial building. And as long as there is a good cushion, called loan-to-value (LTV) we are protected. Meaning we can sell the house quickly for much less than we are owed and still come out ahead. Sometimes (actually quite often) we make a better return when the mortgage is NOT paid than if it IS paid. So the risk is low. We work with the best self-directed IRA custodial companies and the best attorneys who specialize in setting up self-directed 401Ks. With the right education and the right timing, your profits from investing can even grow tax-free.Type your paragraph here.

Are your retirement investments secured in case of a crash?


Help is just a phone call away, no need to go it alone. For those times when you just need some good, real world advice about your financial matters from someone who has been there, done that, and understands what to do. We can talk a little or a lot, whatever you think is best.