D. G. Commercial Banker, Asheville, North Carolina            
We were going through a nightmare after a Realtor misrepresented the condition when we bought our house. We saw no way out, but Peggy Palms and her staff handled the matter so professionally and held our hand every step of the way. We got our house sold quickly but were concerned about owing a deficiency. Peggy managed to get that removed, so we are now thrilled to be totally free from that debt. I don't think there is any way we could have gotten through this without them. They saved our family and allowed us to get back on our feet in record time.

M B, Philanthropist, 
Fairfield Iowa

My wife and I found Peggy Palms to be terrific to invest with, very professional, responsive, and easy to work with. She kept us informed throughout the process so we felt very much in control of our investment capital. We are constantly investigating high yield, safe investments as an alternative to risky Wall Street plays, and we are eager to invest with Peggy again.

Jose T, Retired, Miami Florida                        

My lawyer recommended that I go to Peggy Palms to help with my foreclosure when I could no longer afford my vacation home in the mountains. I found her to be very professional and she went way beyond my expectations. Peggy got my house sold for a very good price, got all my debt on it wiped out, and even helped me to sell all the furniture in the house. She was more than just a lawyer or a Realtor, we became friends through the process and that helped a lot.

Chuck & Karen E.Tampa Florida                                              
The best way to describe Peggy Palms and her team is as a Godsend. My wife and I had to leave the Watauga community for Florida and were unable to sell our home with another Realtor. The housing market went down, and I had to take a large pay cut due to the economy. Someone recommended Peggy to us. She went beyond any Realtor I have ever met. During this time, I found out I had cancer. It was such an emotional hardship with everything else. When I advised Peggy of my condition, she told me not to worry about the house because she would take care of it, and she did. I would recommend Peggy to everyone that is looking for property for purchase or investment. 

Kimberly S. Raleigh, North Carolina                                       
Peggy Palms was a joy and wonderful to work with in selling my home. Being presently located in another state and having to go through the short sale process was a very scary thought. But Peggy made the long process painless and her attention to detail was flawless. Her knowledge of the area is apparent helping know who to contact in the area to get the next steps done. In addition, her knowledge of how to navigate through the system of two lending banks took a lot of stress off of my shoulders. I would highly recommend Peggy for any of your real estate needs!!! She is the best in the business in my humble opinion. I consider myself lucky that I have made a new friend in the process as well.

Glenda B. West Baden Springs, Indiana

I had honestly given up any hope of working things out with my mortgage company. For over a year I tried to find a way to avoid foreclosure, but the bank kept changing their agreements and otherwise refusing to work with me. I could not even find a Realtor able to help. Purely by accident, my father met Peggy Palms and she offered to help. Peggy and her team worked hard for many months to get my house closed on a short sale. She managed to avoid a foreclosure and get me a huge cash settlement from the bank. I am thrilled with the way things worked out!

Clyde & Linda C. Hickory, North Carolina

As a retired REALTOR (and senior citizen) who hired Peggy Palms to sell our seriously underwater,
former vacation home; I have been extremely pleased with her performance. Her knowledge of
the market, persistence and determination were all needed to complete my sale. She also proved
herself to be an excellent communicator and negotiator. I could not be more satisfied with her
results. Probably the best description of Peggy is a "real professional". 

Cindy W., Mooresville, North Carolina

A mortgage broker took advantage of me when I signed loan papers that I didn’t understand and
couldn’t afford. I was beside myself with fear when I had to stop making my house payments
and moved out. Peggy Palms worded with me for nearly two years to get the house sold on a
short sale, even though the bank was not cooperating. She is there for me whenever I have a
question, and I can honestly say that no one has ever been so kind to me before. I would highly
recommend Peggy  Palms to anyone who gets into this situation. She’s a great lady.

Margie H. REALTOR, Boone, North Carolina

Peggy Palms did wonders to accomplish my client's short sale. I admire her perseverance, patience, determination, fortitude, knowledge, and her all around un-flustered attitude. It really does take a professional with special qualities to do such a good job. I do thank her for all her expertise in short sales and foreclosures. She made it look easy, but I know that was not the case. It was a wonderful experience THANKS to Peggy.  

Happy Clients


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