Don't try to reinvent the wheel. No need to go it alone when you just need some good real-world advice on real estate investing from someone who has been there, done that, and understands what to do.  

We had been looking for a safe alternative to keeping our retirement funds in low paying CDs and mutual funds that kept going down in value. Peggy Palms brought us into one of her real estate transactions and we earned a rate many times higher what we were getting before. We were kept informed all along the way, and even got photos of the house as it progressed and was sold.  We're ready to invest again as soon as another opportunity arises.

David and Rhoda OJ, Seagrove Beach, Florida




We contacted Peggy Palms concerning a home deep in debt and a seriously divided partnership. Peggy was very professional, patient, and knowledgeable about our legal responsibilities. 

She spent more time with us than she charged,

was genuinely interested, and gave wonderful advice."

David C. and Brandon  T. 

Oak Island, North Carolina




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Words cannot express how grateful I am to Peggy Palms and her staff for helping me through a difficult situation. I got caught in the housing crash after buying investment real estate with some partners. When things went bust, Peggy unwound the big mess for me with the bank, got my partners out of the deal, and saved me from a foreclosure on my credit. I was continually impressed with Peggy's tenacity and ability to stay focused on the solution after many months of roadblocks and legal challenges. She is ABSOLUTELY amazing.

Don C, Bald Guy Coffee, Blowing Rock North Carolina     

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 From the Desk of Peggy Palms

After over three decades of investing in real estate, just about every kind of transaction you can imagine, I’ve been asked by many to share this wealth of knowledge.  Much of it comes from book learning, legal and real estate education, but even more of the important stuff comes from good old fashioned experience. 

Whether you’re looking to just add a boost to your monthly income, start a real estate investing business, or build long term generational wealth, real estate investing can be one of the safest and most lucrative ways to go.  

If you do it the RIGHT way.  Sometimes that means you need guidance to avoid costly mistakes, so I'm here for you every step of the way.